IDDRSI Regional Platform

The Regional Platform

The IDDRSI Platform brings together the different partners and stakeholders including IGAD Member States, Development Partners and implementing Partners, including UN agencies, Civil Society Organisations and specialized research and training institutions, and the IGAD Secretariat along with its specialized institutions. The Platform has a 3-tier structure that comprises a General Assembly of senior representatives of participating stakeholders, a Platform Steering Committee and a Platform Coordinating Unit (PCU).

Platform Members

The Platform comprises of a General Assembly, a Platform Steering
Committee (PSC), and a Platform Coordination Unit (PCU).




General Assembly

It comprises senior representatives of IGAD, AUC, EAC, COMESA, Development Partners, UN, NGOS, private sector, research and training centres, farmers’ organisations and Member states at ministerial level. It provides overall strategic guidance and makes decisions on investment
plans and proposals.

IDDRSI Platform Steering Committee

With 38 pioneer members at senior policy level and national experts, it guides the RegionalPlatform on policy issues. It oversees the implementation of the IDDRSI.

Platform Coordination Unit

It is administratively embedded in the Division of Planning, Coordination and Partnerships of the IGAD Secretariat and is functionally connected to the national coordination mechanisms in the IGAD Member States, reporting to the Committee of Directors and to the IDDRSI Platform Steering Committee. National IDDRSI Coordinators support coordination mechanisms in the IGAD Member States.

Its functional role involves (a) knowledge management and creating awareness; (b) programme planning and implementation monitoring; (c) capacity building; (d) coordination activities, (e) enhancement of partnerships and (f) mobilization of resources.

National Coordination Mechanisms

Coordination mechanisms, at local, national and regional levels established in the seven IGAD Member States are currently used to mobilise, organise and harmonize activities that contribute to the implementation of IDDRSI in the IGAD region. These mechanisms are continuously being reviewed and refined to include all stakeholders and ensure alignment with all sectors as would be demanded by a holistic initiative.


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